Missional Communities Discuss the Bible, Love and Serve One Another, and Go

MC's exist to be a community, that is sent by God, to love one another and serve the specific mission God has for each of them in order to make disciples, who make disciples- All for the Glory of God. The mission being neighborhoods, dorms, or other various groups in the community that God has them in everyday. 

MC’s are how we live as the Church, seven days a week as a disciple of Jesus. It is our experience that real life happens in MC's- accountability, growth, discipleship, prayer, and life change are fostered in this everyday environment. 

We have three available MC’s for you to join! Those MC opportunities are listed below:


  • East Leaders: Tyler Joyner, Jonathan Melber and Jack Peterson

  • Meeting time: 6:30 Monday nights

MC North

  • North leaders: Bailey Miller, Abigail Jackson and Alex Davison

  • Meeting time: 7:30 Wednesday nights

MC West

  • West leaders: Kyle Worthy, Madelyn Harkins, Kyle Rutherford

  • Meeting time: 6:30 Friday nights